About Us

Digital Office provides tools to run your personal and your work life, such as contact management, scheduling, project management, and much more. Compared to competitors, we offer more features and better security. It is a subscription service that you pay for monthly. All programs and data reside on our secure servers. You own your data, and we do not (in fact cannot) access it in any way.

We share some of our philosophies below. If we sound like a good fit, we welcome you to join our site.


“Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”
Steve Jobs
First, we have a passion for creating excellent software. We believe this shows in our products. We produce software that is full of features, tightly integrated, easy to use, and security conscience. Any one of these is reason enough to use our software, but when added together, we stand unrivaled.


“We protect you, your business, and your clients.”
Digital Office
Second, we are advocates of privacy. Not because our users are doing something illicit, but because human beings (and even companies) deserve the right to privacy.

We often use the phrase that we “protect you, your business, and your clients.” What do we mean by that? Who (or what) are we protecting you from? Well, unfortunately, many individuals, companies, and governments overstep boundaries. Stalkers, corporate espionage, identify thieves, non-ethical hackers, abuse of authority… they are all very real threats.

Apps and websites regularly copy your contact list and email addressees from your computer without your consent. Sometimes even with your consent, because buried in the fine print of their “Terms of Use” you agree to let them.

Pirates can monitor data traffic on a public WiFi. If your connection is not encrypted, they can capture your logins and passwords to websites, and now they have access. They often try those logins/passwords on other sites too, so if you use the same password on multiple sites (bad practice BTW), they could gain access to those as well.

By keeping your data in Digital Office, not only are you getting it organized, you are protecting it from theft, seizure, or simply loss due to natural disasters such as fire or damage.

Social Media

“If you’re not paying for something, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.”
Blue_Beetle @ MetaFilter
Third, there is a place for Social Media, but there are times you need to be sheltered from it. Most applications assume you want your every move to be updated to your “Timeline” for everyone to see. We not only do we not provide such options, but we also protect you from them.

In todays world of Social Media, it seems that privacy has been trampled by corporations trying to gather as much details as possible about its users, then selling it to advertisers. They are building vast databases of your likes, dislikes, associations, political leanings, sexual orientation, and much, much, more.

Have you ever gotten “friend suggestions” or emails saying someone you know “wants to connect with you” on their network? Usually, they get these connections by mining your contact lists or email addressees. It is usually worded in a way that implies that the other person is reaching out to you, but in reality, it is the company trying to trick you into responding to benefit their network.

What if you use a “pen name” for your work, and want to keep your work and personal lives separate, but you just got “outed” by one of these methods. Or worse, you have a restraining order against an abuser, and they were just given your picture and new location.


“Security is not a product; it’s a process.”
Bruce Schneier
Fourth, we believe that security should be an integral part of any system. This encompasses a lot of areas, and it is a never ending process. It includes how servers are setup, maintained, and patched; network infrastructure; the way user-permissions control access; audit trails; the way programs are written to avoid hacking; regular penetration testing by third party security consultants; legal protection of your privacy, and much more.

Unfortunately, many systems are poorly designed and not secure, and their users are not aware of the weakness until it is too late.

There is usually a compromise between “convenience” and “security.” For example, “Remember Me” options that store your credentials and allow you to bypass the login and password might be convenient, but they are incredibly un-secure. Anyone who gains access to your phone or computer can simply click into your account. This might be okay on some sites, but when sensitive data is involved, they can be catastrophic.

“With most websites, security is an afterthought; but for us, it is the first thought.”
Digital Office
We simply do not even provide options that are contrary to good security. When it comes to a choice between convenience and security, we opt for security every time.

Cloud Computing

Fifth, we believe that cloud computing is the future. All application software is moving away from a local copy on your cell phone or home computer. Software as a Service (SaaS) makes sense, and everyone is moving towards it. Cell phones, PCs, laptops… they are notoriously not secure. They are vulnerable to theft, seizure, crashes, etc. They should simply be devices used to connect to your applications and data in the cloud. It is more secure, accessible, backed up regularly, and more.

Integration, but Separation

Sixth, we also believe that life is more enjoyable, and work is more productive, when you have one easily accessible place to put everything. We are constantly adding tools to help you do just that.

You can setup a Digital Office portal for your personal life, one for each of your businesses, and one for each persona (stage or pen name). This keeps everything in one place, separate, but handy. Each portal can have different layouts, colors, fields, options, modules, users, permissions, and more.

You can easily “jump” between portals without having to logout and login each time.

Our Pledge

So in closing, we pledge that Digital Office will never collect information about you, or sell it to others, or provide it to anyone else. We will use our expertise to protect your privacy. We will continue to invest our resources “to protect you, your business, and your clients.” We work hard at this, so that you don’t have to, so that you can concentrate on your life, your business, and your clients.